Location and Pricing

Fort Collins Acupuncture Office

Touch of the East acupuncture Ft Collins building

The Landings at 3938 JFK Pkwy
Unit 11D
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Monday 10 am – 7 pm
Tuesday 12 pm – 5 pm
Wednesday – 10 am – 7 pm
Thursday – Sunday Closed 

When coming to my new office please do NOT use Google maps.  It will take you to one of the other Landings entrances that do NOT connect with each other.  What you should see is the back of JCPennys entrance when turning into the office park.  It should look like this when you turn into The Landings.

Touch of the East acupuncture Ft Collins Landing building

Fort Collins Acupuncture Private Treatments

1. New Patient Consultation and Treatment

Please allow 75 – 90 minutes for the comprehensive consultation and acupuncture treatment.

2. Comprehensive Private Treatments

You will receive a thorough consultation/check in with me each time and a treatment will be given. Each treatment may include extra modalities such as electro-acupuncture and cupping. You will then lay on the table and relax, allowing your body to begin healing. Please allow an hour for your appointment.

If there is not a time slot that works, please contact me to see if there is a time during a work day that works for you.

Pricing per Private Session

Intake Consultation and Treatment

$ 85
  • Intake and Consult
  • In Clinic visit
  • Initial session prices
  • 75 - 90 minutes

Comprehensive Acupuncture Treatment

$ 60
  • Follow-up
  • In Clinic visit
  • Price per session
  • Price is without membership

Herbal/Supplement and Nutritional Review

$ 175
  • 60 minutes
  • Bring Your Herbs and Supplements

Herbal and Supplement Review and Follow-up

$ 60
  • 30 minutes
  • Follow-up Visit

Save Money AND Take Care of Your Health

Maintenance Membership

Maintenance Plus Membership

Optimal Health Membership

Membership patients can contact me with concerns or questions through email or text after hours and I will answer as quickly as possible. 

These prices apply for new patients after the initial consult and treatment. 

Membership commitments are a minimum six month commitment. Memberships are non-refundable. 

You can carry over unused treatments to the next month for up to six months.  

You can switch membership plans as needed. For example, as your health improves, you may want to switch from a four to two treatments per month membership or switch appointment locations. 

We will submit your bills for car accidents and workmen’s comp directly to your insurance company. 

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