Frequently Asked Questions

First Visit & Treatment

Each session includes:

  • A comprehensive history intake.
  • Treatment including acupuncture, cupping, electrical stimulation, energy medicine and other modalities that are appropriate for each individual’s main complaint.
  • Supplements to support the patient’s health goals.  These may include whole food supplements, dietary suggestions, eastern and/or western herbs and homeopathic therapies.
  • Teaching and review of suggested lifestyle modification to support the patient’s individual goals.
  • Sessions will always include individual patient-centered care.

Please wear comfortable and loose clothing so that acupuncture points can be easily accessed. Sometimes you will be asked to remove an article of clothing to be able to get to the acupuncture points that are best for your treatment. This is always an just an option based on your comfort level. At all times your privacy is a priority and a cover or gown can be provided.

Please allow 75 – 90 minutes for this treatment, however, your time can vary based on your needs at that time.  If you need less time, please let us know at the beginning of the appointment.

Follow-Up Treatments

When you come into The office, please have a seat and I will come out and get you.  We will then touch base regarding any new issues that have come up, how you are doing since your last treatment, etc.  I will then take you back to the clinic for your treatment.
Please allow 60 minutes for this treatment.
If I find it pertinent to support your health goals, please expect that we will discuss supplements, diet, and lifestyle modifications (i.e. stress reduction, etc).
Sessions will always include individual patient-centered care.

In the body there are energy channels called meridians that orginate with each organ. Life promoting substances such as Qi and blood circulate through these meridians to every cell, tissue and organ in the body, as well as the mind and spirit. Specific points are either stiumulated to encourage the circulation of Qi to areas of the body or are tonified to strengthen the Qi in areas that are depleted.

Stimulating these acupuncture points helps the energy flow more smoothly in the body and enables your body to function at its optimal potential. Often people find themselves to be more calm and centered after acupuncture. Western science has verified that acupuncture causes many documentable changes in the body. Acupuncture has been shown to trigger the release of pain-relieving endorphins in the body, mediate the inflammation process, regulate hormones, release muscle tension, and increase blood flow to specific areas of the body.

For musculoskeletal issues trigger points and motor points may also be used during treatment. Trigger points are tight ropy bands of muscle fibers that refer pain when pressure is applied to the area. Acupuncture needles can be used to release trigger points. Motor points are the areas of a muscle that contain the highest concentration of nerve endings and are the most electrically excitable part of the muscle. Applying acupuncture to the motor point can help to reset the muscle spindle in order to break the cycle of spasm and abnormal muscle shortening.

Generally, acupuncture is not painful. Most people find it to be very pleasant and say that insertion of the needle produces little or no sensation at all. When the body’s Qi is activated a sensation that has been described as tingling, achy, heavy or electric occurs at the insertion sight or along the meridian. This sensation usually dissipates quickly.

Dry needling is acupuncture. Find out more.

There are many people out there who have tried one or two acupuncture treatments and didn’t see desired results. That is because it is rare that just one or two treatments will alleviate your issues.   Acupuncture works like most other therapies, in that each treatment builds upon the last treatment.  This medicine is cumulative, gentle and sometimes subtle.

Rule of thumb is for every year a health issue has existed,  it can take one month of several treatments.   It can take some time to fully resolve issues, especially if they have been present for a long time.  The closer and more often you can get the treatments, the faster you will see results. 

Some estimates are as follows:

  • Acute back pain – 3-4 treatments
  • Chronic back pain – 8-10 treatments
  • IBS/Digestion – 6-8
  • Migraines – 8-10
  • Headaches – 4-6
  • Fatigue 8-10
  • Insomnia 8-10
  • Menstrual Issues – 8-10
  • Anxiety/Depression – 8-10
  • Chronic Injury or Pain – 10-12
  • Acute Injury or Pain – 3-4
  • Menopause – 8-10
  • Fertility – 5 months
  • Allergies – 6-8

There are many variables to take into consideration, however. This is just a rough estimate but should give you an idea of what it may take to fully resolve the problem.

Instead of just resolving symptoms, Traditional Chinese Medicine can provide whole body, mind and spirit balance which creates true wellness and health. 

When performed by a qualified, Licensed Acupuncturist, acupuncture and related techniques have proven to be extremely safe. Needles are pre-sterilized and disposable to eliminate the risk of disease transmission, and Licensed Acupuncturists are certified in Clean Needle Technique protocols to ensure that needles are kept sterile.

After treatment, the skin around the rim of the cup may become irritated and bruised in a circular pattern.  The bruises usually are not painful and can last from a couple days to couple weeks. 

This continues to be a long haul for everyone with such new and uncharted territory and situations. During this last year and a half I have worked hard to learn about COVID19 through classes and webinars from all over the world. Pretty cool!  I feel comfortable with the knowledge that I have gained to be able to be open and be accessible to my patients. 

What you can expect when you come for your appointment is as follows:

  1. Checklists are being adhered to for cleaning schedules. Complete safety can never be guaranteed but I will be following the State mandated “Best Practice Guidelines”.
  2. I will adhere to the social distancing when not directly treating you. Intake is done through a plexiglass divider at the desk.
  3. I will be wearing a mask 
  4. I will be wearing scrubs or a lab coat that I will launder regularly.
  5. I will sanitize and disinfect all areas of use after each patient and at the end of the day.
  6. I will do what needs to be done with the clinic (i.e. temporarily shut down, inform my patients, etc) if I have exhibit any symptoms. 
  7. I will check my temperature each day
  8. I will adhere to the County and State mandates for Elective Medical Services

When booking online you will be prompted to pay in advance for your appointment.  This helps to cut down on the exchange of credit cards and signing the screen on the pad. 

DO NOT COME IN IF SICK! This includes: cough, fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, gastrointestinal issues, loss of taste or smell and if you have been around any known COVID cases in the last 14 days.  Please just be self-aware of your body and if you have any questions, ask me. 


If appointment is canceled within 24 hours of scheduled time, prepayment will be refunded with a 5% surcharge for fees incurred from the processing company.  If you chose to be refunded with a CREDIT for a future appointment, there will be no surcharge.  If it is less than 24 hours there is NO refund of payment UNLESS due to illness.

Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will incur a charge of the price of the appointment. 

What Patients are Saying

“I had severe ear and head pain for weeks. That kind of acute pain affects your psyche and emotions. Debi made me a priority and I truly felt cared for, when docs could not help and did not seem really interested.”

“I can now ski, hike, bike and play lacrosse again – I am a better person, father, husband now that my back pain is controllable all thanks to Debi’s treatments. “

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