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My name is Debi Ireland and I am a licensed acupuncturist with more than  nine years of clinical experience and five years of providing treatments in my own practice.

For more than three years, through the Healing Warriors Program, I treated active duty and veteran service members and their families with a focus on pain, sleep and PTSD.

I spent three years working at a Community Clinic treating, at times, a hundred patients a week.

I earned my Master of Science in Acupuncture degree from the Southwest Acupuncture College of Boulder in August of 2011. This three-year program consists of over 2,500 hours of education including 1,042 hours of clinical practice. I was certified as a Diplomate in Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in January 2012. This includes certification in Clean Needle Technique.

After graduation I interned in the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine in Harbin, China, then practiced acupuncture in Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado since 2012. I completed an Apprenticeship in Sports Acupuncture in 2013 as well as continual education for pain, sports injuries, prevention and recovery for injuries. I also am a Healing Touch Apprentice and have completed the certification process. My training includes adjunctive therapies such as, sports acupuncture, trigger, motor point and injection therapies (dry needling), cupping, electric stimulation, tui na, auriculotherapy and dietary and lifestyle counseling.

In my practice I treat various conditions and specialize in pain management and relief. I partner with my patients to find the “root” (causes), not just the “branches” (symptoms) of the pain.

I strive to promote optimal physical and emotional health using a blend of acupuncture, dry needling, patented herbs, supplements, holistic nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

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My office complies with the rules and regulations promulgated by the Colorado Department of Health, including the proper cleaning and sterilization of needles and the sanitation of acupuncture offices. Only single-use, disposable, factory- sterilized needles are utilized.

Touch of the East Acupuncture offers pricing levels to be able to provide affordability so that I can see my patients through to wellness and preventative care.

I believe in integration of Eastern and Western medicine, and work to advance the understanding and practice of Chinese Medicine within the Western medical context. I promote integration through education and research, and applying my knowledge within the clinical context.

Why did I become an acupuncturist?

This is is a question I get asked on a weekly basis.  I became an acupuncturist because, after dealing with my own health challenges for decades, acupuncture and herbs were the ONLY thing that helped me heal and manage pain.

When I was in my early 20s, living in Maryland, where I am from,  I struggled with extreme hormonal imbalances that caused me a lot of physical and emotional pain. Nothing the Western doctors were doing was making anything better. They even seemed to be making things worse.

Debi Saidman Ireland Touch of the East acupuncture

I started looking for other solutions. But in the 1990’s, before the internet, it wasn’t as easy.  A friend of mine suggested that I see an herbalist who helped her with some sleeping issues. With nothing to lose at this point, I  gave it a try and slowly, with the help of this herbalist, I started getting my life back.

I learned to be very patient and understand that the healing was happening gradually – basically rebuilding my foundation. Over time I became more “normal” and was able to stop taking the herbs.

Years later, I ended up with extreme digestive problems and an autoimmune disease.  I went through an extremely stressful situation in my life and was constantly burning the candle at both ends.  My body said “whoa!!” and gave me some very big signs that it was not capable of handling the stress without more support.  I had moved to Colorado by then and found an herbalist who suggested that I try acupuncture.

Since then, with years of acupuncture and a regimen of herbs and a continued commitment to both, I finally feel healthy! From personal experience, I know this medicine works. I continue to take herbs every day and get regular acupuncture treatments, and and I no longer worry that what I take or do will have the kind of consequences I experienced in the past. Acupuncture and herbs, and changes to my diet, have been my path to healing and to a foundation for a long and healthy life.

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