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As our patient, your experience matters. Choosing health as a journey means enjoying autonomy in your life. We combine skillful experience with empathetic attention to your specific needs to develop a custom approach to treatment—whether you are healing intense pain, navigating emotional stress or simply improving overall wellbeing.

Our services empower patients to heal naturally from conditions such as acute or chronic pain, anxiety, depression, chronic stress, trauma, grief, thyroid & autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalances, and more.

Acupuncture and Integrated Care for a 
Healthy Physical, Mental and Emotional Quality of Life

Accessible and

Conveniently located in beautiful Fort Collins, Touch of the East Acupuncture offers responsive, compassionate, knowledgeable care.   Some of the issues we can help people with are overcoming pain, mental health challenges, and imbalances in the immune, digestive and hormonal systems.

Integrated Care for
Whole Health

True health encompasses emotional, physical, and spiritual health. We use a variety of treatment options that help the body detoxify, reduce inflammation, and improve blood circulation in order to assist your body in healing.

Compassionate, Individualized Care

We believe each patient’s health journey is completely unique. This is why we take the time to cultivate relationships with each patient, address all concerns, and provide care according to your body’s own needs.

Our Diverse Treatment Options Make It Easy to Find an Approach That Fits
Your Body’s Needs and Conditions


Cupping Therapy

Dry Needling

Cold Laser Therapy

Patented Herbal and Supplement Therapy



Cupping Therapy

Dry Needling

Cold Laser Therapy

Patented Herbal and SupplementTherapy

What Patients are Saying

“She took the time to listen.”

“…Pure magic.”

“I got my life back!”

“Life changing”

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